Why do we have to use HIV exposure medicine

Why do we have to use HIV exposure medicine

Why do we have to use HIV exposure medicine?

Why do we have to use HIV exposure medicine. HIV exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is used to prevent HIV infection in people at risk of exposure to the virus. Here are some reasons why you should use PrEP:

Effectiveness: PrEP has been shown to be effective in preventing HIV infection. When used properly, it helps reduce the risk of HIV infection significantly.

Risk of exposure: People at risk of exposure to HIV include:

People with gay friends or sex partners who have HIV: PrEP is a safe way to protect them from infection.
People who are frequently exposed to the blood or body fluids of others: Such as medical staff, police, firefighters, and people working in high-risk environments.
Injection drug users: PrEP helps reduce the risk of infection through needle sharing.
Common exposure situations:

In the professional environment: Being pricked by a needle when performing an infusion or puncture procedure, being injured by a scalpel or sharp instrument contaminated with the patient’s blood or body fluids.
Outside the professional environment: Having sex without using a condom, sharing needles and syringes with someone who injects drugs.
Treatment process after HIV exposure:

Treat the wound locally (wash the wound thoroughly).
Report and make minutes.
Assess exposure risk.
Determine the HIV status of the source of exposure and the person causing the exposure.
Counsel exposed people (about the benefits and risks of exposure prophylaxis with ARV drugs).
Prophylactic treatment with ARV drugs (optimal time is 6 hours after exposure).
Antiviral drugs used in PrEP often contain Tenofovir. Always seek support from medical professionals for advice and careful monitoring when using PrEP.

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